Coordinator Application

Join the ARKAD team!

We are opening up the application again! You can find the positions that are still open for applications down below. As a Coordinator at ARKAD you will face many new and interesting challenges and responsibilities. You will have the opportunity to develop your leadership and organisational skills as well as your creativity! The best part about ARKAD however, is all the fantastic people you will meet, from every guild at LTH . You and your new friends will have a lot of fun while creating the fair and attending the numerous kickoffs, dinner-parties and other fun events and evenings with the ARKAD group. 

You can find the descriptions for the Coordinator positions down below.  Please be aware that the positions might change in terms of workload and tasks due to the corona virus. We are looking forward to see your application! 

Best regards, Project Group 2021





Are you interested in planning, organizing and creating ARKAD 2021? Then the position as Premises Coordinator will suit you! Being a Premises Coordinator means that you, along with a team of premises coordinators, will take responsibility for the whole fair area and all the company hosts. This implies that you often will be the first-hand help for the exhibitors and the hosts, if they require a helping hand. For this position, we are looking for someone who likes to take initiative, has a great sense of leadership and likes to cooperate.


Do you want to be the chief of everything regarding electricity and wi-fi connections? Do you want to learn new skills? Then this position is for you! As a Power Supply & Network Coordinator you and the other Power Supply & Network Coordinator will have the responsibility for providing the exhibitors with electricity and wi-fi. You will be given a course to make sure you have the necessary skills. You will also plan and set up the structure of the wi-fi and power supply system together with your hosts and the other coordinator. For this position, we are looking for someone who is a good planner, an eager learner and a capable leader.  


Do you like structure, order and optimization of every workflow imaginable? Then you are the perfect candidate for the role of Logistics Coordinator of ARKAD 2021! Together with the other Logistics Coordinators you will be responsible for all the external and internal transports of ARKAD. Apart from this, the role also presents a great opportunity to practice your leadership skills since it comes with your own team of logistics hosts to lead through lots of kickoffs, truckloads of goods and other endeavors. For this position we look for a person who likes responsibility and has the ability to take initiative.                


Do you like to create professional and welcoming surroundings by working with decor? Then  the role as an interior coordinator might suit you! Being an interior coordinator means you will take responsibility in providing everyone at ARKAD with a professional and pleasant atmosphere. You will do so by planning and setting up the decor for all of the premises used during ARKAD 2020. This role gives you the opportunity to learn more about how to plan and design decor and furnishing. For this position we are looking for someone creative with an eye for detail.


Do you like working with people and creating a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere? Being a lounge coordinator implies that you will manage the lounges available for the exhibitors and the engaged students. You will do so by, together with the other lounge coordinators, planning how the lounges look and what is offered in them. You will then execute the plan by coordinating your hosts to create a great experience for everyone visiting the lounges. For this position, we are looking for someone service-minded and detail oriented with the ability to lead and handle stressful situations.




Are you interested in communication, marketing and are always looking at areas for improvements? Perhaps you’re an adept in google forms? Then the role as Market Research Coordinator might be the perfect fit for you! The main task of the Market Research Coordinator is to gather valuable information and feedback from both visitors and exhibitors during and after the fair. Within this role, you will be able to develop your communication skills and greatly influence how both this year and next year’s fair will be performed! For this position we are looking for someone with great analytical and communicative skills. 


Are you interested in websites and providing people with information? Perhaps you even have experience in web content management and would like to develop your skills even further? Then the role as Web Content Coordinator might be the perfect fit for you! Your main task will be to update and improve ARKAD’s website while in coordination with the information and IT-team. No previous knowledge is required, however, we are looking for someone with an eye for detail and good communication skills. If you have used a content management system (CMS) such as Wordpress before, that’s great! Otherwise, we will make sure to get you up to speed.


Are you a person that likes to capture important moments on film? Being a Film coordinator means that you help film and create promotional videos and clips, as well as take responsibility in filming the fair itself. For this position, we are looking for someone creative and independent that has a keen interest in film-making. Previous experience with cameras and film processing programs, such as Premiere Pro, is beneficial.


Are you quick on the trigger? Do you see an image just waiting to be captured wherever you look? As the name Photo Coordinator implies, in this role you will take responsibility in capturing magical moments during the fair. You document the events during the fair, take portrait photos and help the project group. For this position, we are looking for someone creative and independent that has a keen interest in photography. Previous experience with system cameras and image processing programs, such as Lightroom, is beneficial.





Do you enjoy arranging fun events and being part of a project from start to finish? Join our event group as an Event Coordinator! We will work closely together to book and arrange a variety of events for students the weeks before ARKAD. The positions as Event Coordinators will be creative and open roles, even though teamwork is key to arrange successful events leading up to ARKAD. For these positions we are looking for someone cooperative, creative and who enjoys working in a team, whilst being able to work independently when needed.   


Do you enjoy organising events and have an eye for detail? Then Recruitment & Internal events Coordinator might be just for you! You will work together with the Recruitment manager planning internal events, such as the host kickoff, as well as helping with the administrative part of the recruitment process of all hosts. In this role you will develop your time management and problem solving skills and gain lots of useful experience from project management. For this role we are looking for someone with lots of ideas, who is structured in their work and loves organising and planning!


Do you like to provide people with exciting and memorable entertainment? Then the role as Banquet: Entertainment Coordinator might suit you! During the ARKAD Banquet the guests do not only want to mingle and enjoy great food, they want to be entertained as well. That’s where you as a Banquet Entertainment Coordinator comes in to play. Your task will be to organize the after-party and the entertainment during the dinner. For this position, we are looking for someone creative who likes teamwork and has a keen interest in music.


Do you like working with decor to create a pleasant atmosphere with intriguing surroundings? Then Banquet; Decor & Purchase Coordinator might be your thing! Your main responsibility as Banquet; Decor and Purchase Coordinator will be all of the decor from pre-drinks to the after-party. For this position, we are looking for someone creative with the ability to take initiative and work independently.




As IT Developer, you are a member of the IT team. Together in this team, you are maintaining and improving ARKADs’ mobile application and internal systems. Depending on your strengths and desires, you will be appointed to either the team for the internal systems or the team of mobile application. You will work in a group with two to three other IT Developers and with your manager.