Student Session

Apply for student sessions!

Student sessions are a great way to establish contact with a diverse range of companies. During the sessions, the topics can range from internships, trainee programs, summer jobs, thesis projects, other forms of employment and much more. It all depends on what the company is looking for and what they are offering.

Furthermore, student sessions are in a greater shape than they’ve ever been before. This year the companies will handpick students for their sessions based on the motivation given in the application as well as the students CV. This means that given the opportunity to participate in a student session, you know for sure the company is interested in you.

Note that the competition can be fierce with many applicants and limited sessions, especially for the big well-known firms. To ensure you get to partake in a session it is recommended to read up on all firms offering sessions. Chances are you’ll find something you’re interested in which you did not know about before.

If chosen by a company to partake in a session, you’ll be notified via e-mail during week 45 regarding where and what time the session will take place.