ARKAD Scanning System

What is the new scanning system?

This year, ARKAD is happy to present a new IT-service in the form of a new scanning system in our mobile application. The scanning system will be completely free of charge and will allow both visiting students and exhibiting companies to interact and connect in a completely new way. The goal of the scanning system is to reduce your company’s administrative work load during the fair by giving you an overview of interesting students. During the fair, you as a company representative will be able to scan a students’ QR-code and gain immediate access to their ARKAD-profiles. There you will be able to find things such as their LinkedIn-profile, CV, what kind of employment they are looking for, what they are studying and their email address.  However, the amount of information available will vary from student to student depending on how much information the student has decided to share. You will then be able to register, comment and rate the students based on the interaction you have had with them, giving you a valuable overview of new interesting potential future employees. The comments and ratings will only be visible to you and your company. The scanning system will also allow you to export all of the gathered information to common formats, to make for quick and easy access during and after the fair. We believe the new scanning system will increase the incentive for both company representatives and students to come well prepared, contributing to better interactions and a better overall fair-experience.

Signing up for the system

A contact person from your company will receive an email the 4th of November with a link to register an account on our inhouse-system Nexpo

Once they have clicked the link and registered an account, they can log on to the scanning system with that same account. They can invite additional co-workers to the system by logging on to Nexpo, accessing your company profile and inviting co-workers via a link sent by email. In this email, the co-workers will also receive instructions on how to proceed in creating their own account. There is no limit to the number of accounts a company can have.

Companies that have registered for student sessions already have a Nexpo-account, and can use this same account for the scanning system as well. There is no limit to the number of accounts a company can have.

Using the system

On your company’s profile menu in the ARAKD app you will be able to scan students QR-codes using the camera on your mobile device. Press the “+” button in the down right corner. Once the student is scanned, the information about the student will be visible on your device and saved in a list view in the app. You will then be able to rate and the student and leave comments about the interaction you with them. The list view of your scanned students will be sorted by date, hence the latest scanned student will be presented on the top of the list view. You will also be able to delete scanned students from the list view. If a company representative scans a student, the student profile becomes visible to all representatives accounts within the company, hence a shared pool of scanned students is created that everyone in the company can access.

GDPR and Privacy

We’re happy to see many companies took an interest in the privacy policy for the scanning system. We have designed our policy and system with the students’ privacy in my mind.

For students

Students approve that Teknologkåren vid LTH store their personal information for the purpose of the event.

Students then approve companies getting access to their data by letting the company scan their QR-code, giving them full control over who gets access to their profile data.

For companies

Company representatives approve the privacy policy stating that the collected student information will only be used for recruitment purposes, and will not be shared with external parties.


You can sign on to and go to "Your company -> Student scans" to export students to CSV format and review your scanned students.


If you have any questions or problems regarding Nexpo and signing up for the scanning system, please contact our internal systems manager at

If you have any other questions regarding our app and the scanning system, please contact our external systems manager at