This is a great opportunity to extend your network, work in a great team and have a lot of fun! We now have three positions left to apply for. Dont miss your chance, apply now!


Banquet Party (1)

The main task for the Banquet Party Coordinator is to plan and realize a club that is attractive to as many guests as possible. As Banquet Party Coordinator you have the freedom to create a party that makes people stay and mingle even after the dinner is over. We are looking for someone who is ambitious and able to lead a group of people under stressful circumstances. You enjoy creating a fun atmosphere and you have an interest in music. It is a merit if you have had similar positions before, but the most important thing is that you are a party planner to count on!

Banquet Entertainment (1)

The guests at the banquet want to mingle and eat superb food, but they also want to be entertained! This is where the Entertainment Coordinator comes into the picture. The position means responsibility for the entertainment during the dinner and the mingle before. We’re looking for someone who knows which performances will make the guests laugh, sing and talk to each other. You are a person full of ideas that enjoys teamwork and communication. The schedule is often tight and it is therefore important that you can handle stress and that you are good at improvising. Relevant experience is a merit.