This is a great opportunity to extend your network, work in a great team and have a lot of fun! Do you want to be a coordinator in ARKAD, this is your chance. Read more about the different positions below, and apply today!

Marketing & Communication

Photo (1)

As a Photo Coordinator your main task is to make sure that all the special moments of the fair are captured, starting now! Your projects will include photographing portraits of the volunteers as well as documentation of the events and of course the fair itself. Additionally, there is a chance to carry through your own ideas! To make this possible, ARKAD needs a creative, independent, photo-loving person. Being flexible and fast working will help too. Pre-knowledge of DSLR cameras and image processing software is considered a merit. Please also tell us if you would be interested in filming as well. How will you make Lund remember this years fair?


Interior (2)

As an Interior Coordinator you will, together with your colleague, be responsible for the fair’s visual appeal. You have the responsibility that ARKAD gets the right feel by decorating and furnishing all the exhibition rooms and related lounges in a neat and professional manner. You will also be responsible for the decoration of some events before ARKAD. If you are creative and have an eye for detail you should apply for the position as Interior Coordinator!


PR (1)

Are you creative?  Do you like marketing and organising? Then the position as PR Coordinator is perfect for you! You will be responsible for coordinating marketing events together with The Marketing and Communication group. In the meantime you will learn what it is like to be part of  a big project, solve unannounced problems and lead a team. The position does not require any particular pre-knowledge, but you need to be enthusiastic, attentive and responsive. Your job is simply to make every single student longing for ARKAD!


Recruitment (1)

As recruitment coordinator you’ll be planning the requirement of the Hosts for the fair. There will be around 250 Hosts working with ARKAD – your mission is to make sure they join the project. You will also be in charge for the recruitment related events, such as marketing events and kick-off. Are you well-organized, outgoing and like to socialize? Does this sound fun? Apply today.


Market research (1)

ARKAD is an annual career fair and in order to improve the fair it needs to be evaluated. If you are interested in communication, marketing and research, this is your chance! Besides being an important part of both this year’s and next year’s fair, you will develop your skills in communication and cooperation. Even though putting a survey together might sound predictable, there is room for creativity! Partially regarding the design of the survey, but especially in the marketing of it. How do you want to make sure that the opinions about the fair are collected?


Information (1)

Do you think information should be easy and accessible? Then you’d be perfect for Information Coordinator.

You will be responsible for collecting all information that could be useful during the fair in November and compile it in our wiki. Since the hosts, students and companies will use this wiki it’s important that you filter away all unnecessary information so you can easily find what you’re looking for. As an Information Coordinator you will be working closely with the Information Manager. If you’re detail oriented, love to write and thinks this sounds fun we want you to apply straight away!


Info Desk (3)

Do you want to be the person who has all the answers during the fair? Are you a cheerful and social problem solver? Then you will be perfect as Info Desk Coordinator!

Mainly you will be responsible for one of the three  info desks at ARKAD. You will, together with the hosts that you are responsible for, manage the info desk. During the fair you and your hosts make sure that everyone passing your area gets a professional reception and impression. The hosts as well as the students and companies will come to you with questions about everything you could possibly imagine. Throughout the year you will work closely with the Information Manager. We are looking for someone who is service minded and can handle unexpected situations. Does this sound fun? Apply today.


Business Relations & Event

Event Administration (2)

Are you energetic and outgoing and want to make ARKAD 2018’s events the best ones ever? Then we think ​Administration Coordinator is something for you! Together with the Event Managers you will create new and exciting events during the ARKAD-weeks this fall. You
will, together with the other Administration Coordinator, be responsible for the hosts and make sure that the events run as smoothly as possible. Does this sound exciting? Apply for Administration Coordinator! We promise it will be magical!


Event Meal (2)

Are you a passionate food enthusiast with a structured mind? Then you would be a perfect member of our Event team! In your role as Event Meal Coordinator you will be responsible for the meals we are serving in connection to our events during ARKAD 2018. You will have a lot of freedom in your job and we encourage you to come up with a lot of your own ideas. Does this role sound wonderful? Apply for the role as Meal Coordinator and help us make the events great!


Lunch (2)

Are you service minded? Do you like planning and problem solving? Apply for Lunch Coordinator! You will work with your colleague to make sure that the lunch during the fair is served according to plan. Your main task will be managing the hosts who will help you in your work during the fair. In addition you will be involved in the planning of the lunch together with the Event Manager. You should be able to handle stressful situations and work independently. You are good at structuring both your own and others work and can easily make quick decisions.


Banquet Decor (1)

Are you creative and interested in decor and interior design? Do you know how to create an environment that makes people enjoy themselves and that also impresses them a little bit? As Decor & Purchasing Coordinator you are responsible for all the decor, from the pre-dinner mingle to the party afterwards. We are looking for someone who is good at taking initiative and working independently. You are both a visualizer and and a realizer. As Decor & Purchasing Coordinator you have the opportunity to channel your creativity on a large scale!


Banquet Entertainment (1)

The guests at the banquet want to mingle and eat superb food, but they also want to be entertained! This is where the Entertainment Coordinator comes into the picture. The position means responsibility for the entertainment during the dinner and the mingle before. We’re looking for someone who knows which performances will make the guests laugh, sing and talk to each other. You are a person full of ideas that enjoys teamwork and communication. The schedule is often tight and it is therefore important that you can handle stress and that you are good at improvising. Relevant experience is a merit.


Banquet Party (1)

The main task for the Banquet Party Coordinator is to plan and realize a club that is attractive to as many guests as possible. As Banquet Party Coordinator you have the freedom to create a party that makes people stay and mingle even after the dinner is over. We are looking for someone who is ambitious and able to lead a group of people under stressful circumstances. You enjoy creating a fun atmosphere and you have an interest in music. It is a merit if you have had similar positions before, but the most important thing is that you are a party planner to count on!


Banquet Sound and Lighting (1)

Are you interested in sound and light systems? Do you want to use such equipment to create an atmosphere that makes an impression on the guests during the banquet evening? As Sound and Lighting Coordinator you decide which systems are used for the banquet and you make sure that the cooperation with the technicians runs smoothly. Your position means close cooperation with the other coordinators and it is therefore important that you are social and good at seeing the big picture. You have a profound interest in sound and lighting equipment and it is a merit if you have had similar positions before.


Fair & Logistics

Logistics (3)

Do you like having a lot of responsibility and do you like to organize and coordinate? Do you find it satisfying to see the right thing arrive in the right place at the right time? Then Logistics Coordinator is the thing for you! You and the two other Logistics Coordinators will plan and coordinate both internal and external shipping for ARKAD. During your time as a Logistics Coordinator you will be given the opportunity to evolve your multitasking and organizational skills.


Shuttle Service  (1)

During the fair, ARKAD offers the companies to use the fair’s shuttle service within and outside of Lund. As Shuttle Service Coordinator your main responsibilities will be to manage the bookings and coordinate your hosts for picking up the companies’ representatives. Do you have great ability to plan, coordinate others as well as being service minded? Then this position is something for you!


Task Force (1)

Do you like to be the hero of the day and in a creative manner evaluate and solve problems? Are you handy and have good leadership skills? Then you might be the next Task Force Coordinator for ARKAD! Along with your task force hosts, you will solve problems occurring during the fair, big and small. You are also responsible for managing the wardrobes and the hosts working there. If you are a person that enjoys problem solving and keeping track of several things at once, apply for Task Force Coordinator today.


Premises (5)

Are you a person who takes initiative and action? Apply for the position as Premises Coordinator! You will be working with the other Premises Coordinators and together you are responsible for the entire exhibition area of ARKAD. The work involves that you together with the Premises Managers, structure and organize the work before, during and after the fair. You will be assigned a part of the exhibition area and will be responsible for all the companies and hosts placed there. You are often seen as the face of the fair and will be the person that companies and hosts turn to with their questions. It is therefore important that you are service minded and always keep your spirits up, no matter the situation.


Lounge (2)

Do you enjoy working with people and know what creates a pleasant atmosphere? Then Lounge Coordinator is for you! As Lounge Coordinator you are responsible for the lounges available to company representatives. Together with a number of hosts it is your responsibility to create a pleasant and relaxed environment in the lounges. Together with the Premises Manager you will plan what the lounges should look like and which food you will serve. As Lounge Coordinator you should be service-oriented, have a positive attitude and an eye for detail. You like to take initiative, delegate responsibility and you are comfortable working in stressful situations.


Network and Connection (1)

Do you know how to rig a power grid and what a power strip is? Then you might be the right person for the position as Network and Connection Coordinator! You are responsible for making sure that the companies’ needs regarding electricity and internet are satisfied. Along with your hosts and the Premises Managers you will coordinate the planning and structure of the electricity network. It is an advantage if you have some experience working with similar assignments.



Scrum Master (2)

As a Scrum Master you’ll have an overall responsibility for the progress in the IT team. You’ll be coaching and helping the team to avoid or remove impediments to its progress. We are looking for someone who is used to programming and good at communicating. Previous experience within smartphone applications or backend development is a merit. Depending on your interests you will have the responsibility for one of those. Are you interested in developing your programming skills as well as your leadership? Then this is the position you’re looking for!


IT  (8)

Would you like to work within smartphone applications or backend development? We are currently looking for someone with a great interest in programming and who is constantly looking for new challenges. As an IT Developer you will work closely within a team that is responsible for the IT systems of ARKAD. Depending on your interests there are long term and short term tasks. You will mainly continue the work on already existing systems, but own ideas and creativity is an advantage.

Previous experience in IT development is not necessary, but it is a merit. You should be curious to learn more in this area. Seize this opportunity to spice up your resume and expand your knowledge!