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ARKAD - offers and add-ons

Here you can find all the offers and add-ons you as a company can do to your VCF Exhibition Package. 

Marketing on the virtual platform

Make your company more visible for the students during the fair days on the virtual platform! 

Highlight your logo during the fair

During the virtual event the most visited page is the main page. Highlight your company's logo at the top of the event page for every student to see! The logo is a clickable link that steer traffic directly to your stall, making it easier for the students to find your company during the fair.

Price: 6000 SEK

Pop-up function

Pop-up messages can be targeted towards students segmented on educational and professional parameters. This can be populated with tailored content, including text, imagery, and URL. 

Price: 2000 SEK

Receive statistics of your performance

After the fair, it is possible for you to order the statistics of how your company performed during the fair days at ARKAD. The statistics will help you to analize and increase the performance of your marketing strategies. 

Price: 2000 SEK

ARKAD 2020 Events

The week before and during the week of ARKAD, you will be able to arrange different events which is another great way for you to connect with our students. Why not arrange a lunch lecture, workshop, or evening pub? We will offer both digital and physical events. Contact the Event Manager at event.arkad@tlth.se.

Physical events on campus

Considering the situation with COVID-19 all events will be implemented in a safe manner, following all the public health authorities’ recommendations and guidelines. All physical events will have an execution plan prior to the event and a limit of 50 people or less will be implemented. Thank you for understanding and respecting these guidelines.

CASE by ARKAD in collaboration with... YOU!

Does your company face a challenge and want input from some of Sweden's sharpest students? Does your company need to help to think outside the box while promoting yourself for future employees? Does your company want to challenge students and hear their opinions on your idea? Then CASE by ARKAD is for you! To get more information about this, please reach out to Hjalmar Åhman at hr.arkad@tlth.se.

Price: Contact Hjalmar at hr.arkad@tlth.se..

Workshop 2nd - 6th of November

Would you like to interact with the students while working together on a specific task, relevant to your company? This year you’ll be able to do just that by arranging a workshop with a select group of students!
We will provide something to eat and drink so that you can focus on meeting and interacting with the students while working or talking about a relevant issue related to your company.

Price: 25 000 SEK

Pub/AW 2nd - 6th of November

After a long day in school, many students look forward to relaxing and taking it easy for a bit. Why not let them do that together with your representatives? We’ve got the bar and the room for it so all you need is to bring is your representatives and a social mood and we’ll provide the beverages and food. No need to arrange a long presentation or sit through another powerpoint, simply have a chat with the students and find your perfect candidate!

Price: 31 000 SEK

Breakfast mingle 2nd - 6th of November

Are you a morning person, knowing the best and most productive time of the day is before lunch? Then a breakfast mingle is the perfect option for you! We’ll get you and the students a fantastic breakfast so you can sit down while enjoying the food and interact with the students. Send two of your representatives and meet up with our students in a calm and easy environment, where they can learn about you and where you can find the future employee you were looking for!

Price: 8000 SEK

Personal event 2nd - 6th of November

Do you have a perfect idea and would like to create something unique for our students? Don’t hesitate to contact us and let us know what you’re thinking! We are open to your ideas and having a conversation with you to create something that will make your company stand out among others!

Price: Contact the Event Manager at event.arkad@tlth.se.

Digital events

Lunch lecture 2nd - 6th of November

Would you like to present your company and show all the amazing opportunities you have to offer our students? There is no better way of doing that than giving them lunch while you get 45 minutes to present your organization. We will arrange a lunch coupon for the first 100 students to register, but it will be an open event for all to listen in to. Do not miss the chance to present all
the great possibilities within your company and arrange a lunch lecture!

Price: 29 000 SEK

Pitch Perfect 11th - 12th of November

Are you specifically looking for summer interns, upcoming graduates or students writing their thesis? Then Pitch Perfect is just what you need. Make sure students are aware of the possibilities you have to offer them and sign up to pitch your select choice of opportunity. These pitches will be available as either 5-minute or 10-minute talks, depending on your need and we will provide lunch coupons for the students attending. So make sure you get the right students coming to your digital booth and sign up for a pitch!

Price 10 minutes: 5000 SEK
Price 20 minutes: 9000 SEK