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As exhibitor at ARKAD, you get the unique opportunity to connect with over 9000 students at LTH who are currently studying to become Masters of Science in Engineering, Bachelors of Science in Engineering, Industrial Designers and Architects.

The registration for the virtual career fair will open on the 4th of August. Last day to register your company for the fair is on the 11th of September.

The fair will take place on the 11th and 12th of November. We look forward to chatting with you at this year's ARKAD!

11th - 12th of November

ARKAD 2020 - Virtual Career Fair

Welcome to the virtual ARKAD! This year, we are proud to present that we are arranging the fair through an online platform, giving your company the opportunity to reach out to our ambitious and dedicated students at LTH, despite the current circumstances.

The registration process will open on the 4th of August and will close on the 11th of September. Down below, we have gathered information about the virtual career fair and what to expect when participating at this year's ARKAD!

We are currently updating the information regarding the virtual fair. If you do not find the information you are looking for right now, please contact us at

What is a virtual career fair?

ARKAD's virtual career fair will be arranged through an online platform, gathering all the exhibitors and students in the same place. As an exhibitor, you will create your own virtual stand, providing it with the information you want to share with the students.

The virtual career fair allows you to participate in the event and to interact with the students from wherever you are in the world. It may be at your home desk or at your office - it is completely up to you!

Live chat and video calls with the students

The platform allows you to live chat and to interact with the students through video calls during the fair days. It also allows you to chat with many students at the same time. After the fair, you will be able to look back at the conversations that you have had and to continue the interactions which were initiated during the fair.

Find relevant candidates for your company in a more efficient way

The platform is designed to optimize the relevance for both students and companies visiting the fair. This is done through an algorithm matching the student's profiles with what your company is looking for! Through the platform you will be able to:

  • Access to student's profile and the information the student has provided their profile with such as education, skill sets, interests, CV, etc.
  • Find and reach out to students with profiles that fit your company's needs through a head-hunting function
Digital and physical events

The week before and during the week of ARKAD, you will be able to arrange different events which is another great way for you to connect with our students. Why not arrange a lunch lecture, workshop, or evening pub? We will offer both digital and physical* events. Contact the Event Manager at or check out our product catalogue to find more information about the events.

*Physical events will be arranged in a safe manner, following the public health authority’s recommendations and guidelines. All physical events will have an execution plan prior to the event and a limit of 50 people or less will be implemented.

Creating the virtual stand

Find information about the registration process and how to create the virtual stand here

What is included in the VCF Exhibition Package when registering for the fair?

We want to give your company a great experience at the virtual ARKAD! Therefore, we have assembled a VCF Exhibition Package which includes the following:

  • 2 days virtual exhibition through the platform ARKAD 2020
  • ARKAD handing out your company's giveaways to the students during the fair days
  • Opportunity to continue conversations initiated during the fair after the fair has closed
  • Technical support before and during the fair
  • One advertising through our student consultant company TLTH Development
  • Exposure through our website and mobile applications

Product Catalogue

Do you want to know more about our offers and the amendments you can do to your VCF Exhibition Package? Check out our product catalogue here!


We are currently updating the FAQ. If you do not find the information that you are looking for right now, please contact us at