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Down below, you will find information about the registration process and advice on how to attract the students to your virtual stand during the fair. You will also find the Virtual Fair Guide and tutorial videos on how to create the virtual stand step-by-step.

The registration process

To register your company for ARKAD 2020, you need to complete the registration in two following steps:

Step 1: Registration

Register for the fair here (registration closed) and follow the information in the confirmation letter about how to fulfill the registration. You will receive the confirmation letter right after you have registered your company for ARKAD 2020. The last day to register for the fair is on the 2nd of October.

Step 2: Create your virtual stand

Create your company account at the virtual platform ARKAD 2020 and start to build your virtual stand. Creating your virtual stand is an easy process and is completed in four steps:

  1. Booth settings
  2. Chat top settings
  3. Candidate requirements
  4. Team members

Read the Virtual Fair Guide to see how to create your virtual stand step-by-step or watch six short tutorial videos here.


Last day to register for the fair: 2nd of October
Last day to complete your virtual stand: 6th of November

How to attract the students to your virtual stand

What are the students interested in? As an exhibitor, it can sometimes be difficult to know what the students are looking for and how to catch their attention during the fair. Here are some thoughts and advice from the perspective of the students and how to approach us in the best way possible!

Summer jobs, internships and trainee programs

In a survey, we investigated what the students found most important when visiting a career fair. Many students are eagerly looking for summer jobs, master thesis, internships, as well as trainee programs and is also the main reason why they are visiting the fair.  Does your company offer any of this? Make sure to inform about this clearly in your virtual stand!

Present your company's projects and opportunities

The students are also highly interested in networking with new companies and learning more about the opportunities in your company. They are curious and interested in knowing what your company is up to! Do you have exciting projects in foreign countries or a self-driving robot to show off? Share and inform the students about it!

Initiate contact with the students

Attract the students to your virtual stand by initiating a conversation with them! During the fair days, you will be able to actively reach out to students and to start a chat without having to wait for them to approach you. 

Handing out giveaways

During the virtual fair days, we offer to hand out your company's giveaways to the students visiting the fair. This is a great way to raise awareness and interest among the younger students and to attract the students to visit your company's virtual stand!

What advice should we give to our students at LTH?

Have you participated at ARKAD before and have some great advice to share with our students on how to approach the companies during the fair? Share your fair experience regarding the first meeting with the students and the perspective of a company representative by filling in this short survey or by writing to us at We want to summarise what companies think the students at LTH can improve when approaching them during the fair and to share this knowledge with them. Therefore, your share of experience will help our students to become better at initiating the first contact with you during the fair!