After the fair

Connect with the students after ARKAD

There are many ways to connect with the students at LTH after ARKAD! The Student Union at LTH offers different marketing activities for your company during the rest of the year. Read more about what you can do to create awareness and interest among the students after the fair!

Student Union at LTH

TLTH Näringsliv works as the connecting bridge between companies and the students at LTH. We offer many different opportunities for the companies to meet students all year round, not just during ARKAD. These include lunch lectures, theme weeks, workshops, and evening events. In addition to this, we also offer opportunities to market your company or available positions to the students through our different channels.

For more information on how we can help your company to connect with our students, please contact

TLTH Development

TLTH Development is a student consultancy company created by the Student Union at LTH. Our mission is to create a smoother transition between the academy and industry by offering our students the possibility to work at some of the most exciting projects and companies in the region. We can offer your company competent students from various programs on both a temporary and continuous basis. We will get to know the organization to find you the perfect match. The platform also offers the opportunity for your company to advertise and mediate job positions to over 9000 students. For more information, please visit TLTH Development web page at:

One year unlimited advertisement subscription costs 3000 SEK.

If you are interested in staffing or consulting, please contact